The Face, the Identity, the Soul of the watch. Combining stylistic innovativeness with technical brilliance, Aiqon Dials are the raison d’etre of the Aiqon brand. Our dials fuse together a theme, an idea that reflect an individual’s personality, or passion, or philosophy, with the telling of time legibly and consistently.

Aiqon watches have genuine fusion dials that are curated and exclusive objects of art. Sometimes the themes/ideas are subtly imbibed in the dial design, and sometimes they are brought to life boldly and expressively. A true adornment of functional Art to your wrist. We believe our approach will help make watches and our brand sustain for the rest of this century, as watches move beyond function and even emotion, to combining high-technology.


The hands are the principal notifiers of temporal information, and the center of the wearer’s attention on a watch. Aiqon pays special attention to the design and look of the hands, which depending upon the watch model, come in a variety of shapes, finishes and colors.

case and bezel

The Casebody of Aiqon watches are moulded and machined out of a solid block of 304 or 316L stainless steel. This solid case forms the foundation to which all the other parts of the case and watch are securely fitted. Certain models possess a crown guard on the side – these shoulders are carved as an integral part of the Casebody.

Certain Aiqon watch Cases have a Bezel, which can be for purely aesthetic value or be functionally integral to the Case, or both. As an example, the rectangular Bezels from our initial collection have the sapphire Glass attached to them, and also have matt-finish four triangles stamped onto them. This allows us to give different finish and plating color to the Bezel and Casebody. In certain sportier models, the Bezel will have tachymeter or minute markings, while being rotating.

All Aiqon watches with Stainless Steel cases are made water resistant to a depth of at least 50 metres (150 feet). Finally, our cases are hand-polished, assembled and tested by specialized labor in the some of the most modern facilities for this task

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